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Some big news

Posted by Sri Lanka kAAk in General News on Tuesday 27 September @ 20:00

General News

First of all a lot happened past days, Creat!ve has been in a hell of a rollercoaster ride but we survived and we're still here standing strong.

A few key members of the clan decided to leave Creat!ve and start something for their own, after all we would like to thank all of them for being a part of the Creat!ve community.

Hell, NiXoN, Efxtive, PinkFloyd, Knotty, Singo, Shinigami & Puss thanks for the effort you've given to Creat!ve and good luck in your own new future!

Second, there are 2 people who granted promotion.

These 2 people are going to help me with rebuilding the clan and make some sweet ass future plans, they're probably 2 of the most loyal and dedicated ones Creat!ve had in a long time.

I would like to Congratulate Prussian & Scarface, both of you shown enough past years in the Creat!ve clan and I am sure you both will do fine as the new Clan Managers of Creat!ve.

More big news coming soon, so stay tuned!




#1Tuesday 27 September @ 20:01 by Sri Lanka kAAk

congratz prussian Wink

#2Tuesday 27 September @ 20:18 by Netherlands scarface

Pruss from now on only small posts

#3Tuesday 27 September @ 20:45 by England Jack

Congratz Scar! Let us keep holding on and keep the clan going!

Good luck to those who left, hope everything works out!

#4Tuesday 27 September @ 21:18 by Germany Creat!ve~Prussian

Gratz ladies

#5Wednesday 28 September @ 09:25 by Bulgaria Gekke G

Letz get this above 100 guys!

Haha congrats lol Smile

#6Wednesday 28 September @ 09:49 by Belgium WhiteShadow

gratz guys. Laughing

#7Wednesday 28 September @ 09:49 by Frisian Creat!ve~YETI!

GJ boys!

#8Wednesday 28 September @ 17:49 by England Yurizan


#9Wednesday 28 September @ 19:27 by Hungary justa_boy

gl boys and girls! Smile

#10Thursday 29 September @ 10:32 by Netherlands plaaG

Congratz both off ya GJ both off you

#11Friday 30 September @ 15:01 by Slovenia skank