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Posted by Sri Lanka kAAk in CLAN NEWS on Friday 23 September @ 15:34

General News

Yesterday was the official GROUND ZERO in Creat!ve.

I'm not going to mention anything of whats being said or happened past days, I think that happened enough.

We would like to announce we decided together to put in a Zero Tolerance Policy, Anyone who is now willing to talk bad or something else about Creat!ve again as it was in the past days he will be vanished for eternity.

At this moment we can say "Nothing can stop us", We will continue with this living legendary Clan.

More news will be there in the upcoming days!


-The entire Creat!ve clan !


nice to hear mate i stand by that and will enforce is if nessasery

#1Friday 23 September @ 15:38 by Netherlands scarface

Read and understood xD

#2Friday 23 September @ 15:38 by Bulgaria Gekke G

"your freedom ends where my feelings begin"
How can you be creative when you have to be afraid of what you say and hurting someones feelings and getting permbanned?

Nice rule Stalin

#3Friday 23 September @ 16:08 by USA Hellbreather

And who is the judge of what is "bad"? Kaak? Management? The person offended? What if what's mean to one person isn't mean to the other?

#4Friday 23 September @ 16:11 by USA Hellbreather

Its about the public rage past days.
enough ia enough.
and we all decided here as everyone was sick of it.

#5Friday 23 September @ 16:16 by Sri Lanka kAAk

That's not what I mean. What I mean is do you permban people every time someones feelings get hurt? Where is the line drawn? Zero tolerance means zero tolerance. So if someone mentions all Americans are fat I'm insulted and I want that person banned from all servers.

#6Friday 23 September @ 16:18 by USA Hellbreather

Hope it applies to your members too, considering they have seem to continued with the remarks since everyone stopped

#7Friday 23 September @ 16:19 by UK efxtive


#8Friday 23 September @ 16:31 by England Yurizan

if you read well hell and efxtive you can read that kaak said about he topics where made about certain things but yea fell butthurt already because the clan will survive without you guys so plz stop trying to bask kaak you will lose Tongue

#9Friday 23 September @ 16:49 by Netherlands scarface

Scarface you really are a sheep

#10Friday 23 September @ 16:50 by Netherlands Antilles celicA`

Hardly butthurt really scarface just making sure that applies to everyone.

And thought you wasnt coming back to use games as a scape goat to your IRL problems? Funny a soon as certain people leave your straight back active again.

Also enjoy the spring clean aswell hope it works out for you.

#11Friday 23 September @ 16:55 by UK efxtive

well its that i dont want to let the clan die like you turned your back so easely to the clan as soon heel got away so dont go tell me what i said to you mate

#12Friday 23 September @ 16:58 by Netherlands scarface

Enough is enough.

KAAK hasn't even been leader that long and everyone is taking his words out of context and making him out a be the boggyman.

KAAK never said one strike your out, just you wouldn't be let off without a warning or infraction.

Hell's got his group of guys, left Creat!ve with whomever he didn't want. What more does they guy want? He can now form a new clan with whatever name he wants and set the hierarchy how ever he sees fit. They can play whatever game they want. Complete control at Hell's fingertips.

#13Friday 23 September @ 16:59 by USA CrazyCoder

and besides that brandon nice to see you take personal stuff onto the clan mate is good to know how you are Wink

#14Friday 23 September @ 17:00 by Netherlands scarface

Hardly much about your personal life is it, also i left the clan simply because 5he people who was active that i played the games with the most was the guys who have left, yea other members that have stayed i have gamed with but not that much though. Also dont start acting like im the bad one when you have probs been the worst one for it

#15Friday 23 September @ 17:08 by UK efxtive

well stop acting like you all care that kaak took over and be happy the clan still lives damn it go away be happy in your new clan no hard feeling but you all keep making it a problem. we all dont want to let creative die so let it be

#16Friday 23 September @ 17:14 by Netherlands scarface

Creative died when you implemented a rule meant to silence everyone who disagrees with you or hurts your feelings. Creative isn't living, it's a shell of its former self.

#17Friday 23 September @ 17:17 by USA Hellbreather

U didnt understand it right? This is what needed to be stopped. If you have your problems with each other talk it out personally.

#18Friday 23 September @ 17:22 by Bulgaria Gekke G

it isnt we only want to stop all this shit that went down about the things.

#19Friday 23 September @ 17:22 by Netherlands scarface

Anyone who is now willing to talk bad or something else about Creat!ve again as it was in the past days he will be vanished for eternity.
Zero tolerance.

I'm talking bad about creative though so feel free to ban

#20Friday 23 September @ 17:25 by USA Hellbreather

It was very disrepectful for people to throw the personal life issue stuff in Hell's face. Even worse, kAAk is now enemy #1 to the other side because wanted to rebuild Creat!ve. Sure he could have just went with club 69 but the Dot Org is already paid for and stuff.

Gekke is right, personal stuff should remain personal. Hell has every right to be pissed off."Blood is thicker then water" as the old saying goes. So of course Hell will defend his family, wether they are right or wrong. I'd do the same.

But this back of forth cat fight, is getting way out of hand.

#21Friday 23 September @ 17:32 by USA CrazyCoder

Shut the fuck up man who even are you?

#22Friday 23 September @ 17:36 by Netherlands Antilles celicA`

Can I apply for the kreatief-kampf?

#23Friday 23 September @ 18:14 by Netherlands DieHarder

Trust the only people to comment and casue trouble are the ones that left, why not just move on?

#24Friday 23 September @ 18:48 by England Yurizan

It seems the ones who left are the only ones who care about what Creative was. One of being friendly and honest. I'm surprised those that stayed are content with how it's become.

#25Friday 23 September @ 18:59 by USA Hellbreather

Look how people choose sides where most of us stood together.....

#26Friday 23 September @ 19:02 by Bulgaria Gekke G

Not really lol

#27Friday 23 September @ 19:03 by England Yurizan

Not really what?

#28Friday 23 September @ 19:04 by USA Hellbreather

How does the people leaving make it that they care most about the clan lol? Oh yeah we are all leaving, not really sure why but yeah we still care most about it!

#29Friday 23 September @ 19:07 by England Yurizan

Creative was long dead when i was still in it Hell, can't believe you were content and happy on how it was a year ago or so.

#30Friday 23 September @ 19:08 by Germany - WW2 Saint*

Because you guys are sitting around turning it into the third Reich and thinking it's good and welcoming. That's never been what creative was about.

#31Friday 23 September @ 19:11 by USA Hellbreather

And yes saint, you're right. You were one of the first rats to jump off a sinking ship.

#32Friday 23 September @ 19:11 by USA Hellbreather

Haha i love all the trash talking when people leave, shows their true innerself. I dont understand why you and people come here just to casue an argument? You have left the clan so why not just leave it alone?

#33Friday 23 September @ 19:15 by England Yurizan

First short new post with this many comments.

#34Friday 23 September @ 19:17 by Belgium WhiteShadow

You guys are honestly just seeing me as a shit stirrer. I'm just saying that the fact this rule is implemented and all of you see no danger in it is shocking to me. How easily can it be abused to get rid of anybody they want?

#35Friday 23 September @ 19:27 by USA Hellbreather

Why is there always that one guy who has to try be the clever one about every new rule or thing that happends. This is rule is just self explanitary yet theres always someone to be a smart ass about it

#36Friday 23 September @ 19:35 by England Yurizan

Who is being a smart ass? I'm just pointing out how it can be dangerous. Even a lot of the hof feel the same way. Why does someone who disagrees with you have to be a smartass?

#37Friday 23 September @ 19:38 by USA Hellbreather

Heil Hitler I mean kaak no prussian.... OK better behave or they might send me to the gas chamber....... Everyone bow to the new order the creative nazi party is born..... Poland beware

#38Friday 23 September @ 19:38 by UK R.Gaming: PinkFloyd

You really dont have any self reflection. DAMN!!!

#39Friday 23 September @ 19:42 by Bulgaria Gekke G

wth pinky. O.o damn your comment shocked me.
wow.. thats nothing to joke about what happen back then ...

#40Friday 23 September @ 19:42 by Aaland Wolf#

Lol pink come steam then we can have a lovely chat there if not dont write a pointless reply trying to casue trouble, infact id love you to come steam, and for the rest of this topic ive had my say and im not going to lower myself to your standards

#41Friday 23 September @ 19:44 by England Yurizan

So you consider yourself a rat too then Hell, since you left this ''sinking'' ship. It all went downhill with Creative when Maka left, not my fault you guys didn't notice it before. Already raised my concerns on how the clan was going way before you were even leader Hell.

Good luck with Prussian banging your sister and good luck with the new clan you ''rat'' ! hah

#42Friday 23 September @ 19:47 by Germany - WW2 Saint*

Yuri none of this is directed at yoi kiddo

#43Friday 23 September @ 19:51 by UK R.Gaming: PinkFloyd

I just dont understand the point in your post, completely pointless and i guess nobody even laughed at it.

#44Friday 23 September @ 19:52 by England Yurizan

I like how people left the clan like a bunch of rats and now coming back to discuss rules lol.
Yesterday they begged for HoF ranks, on a clan they left within minutes.

Go ahead then, show us all how a great clan works.

#45Friday 23 September @ 19:57 by Germany Creative~Makaveli

Never begged maka it isn't in who I am

#46Friday 23 September @ 20:02 by UK R.Gaming: PinkFloyd

As i said, go ahead, show us how a clan works. That should be on your mind, not what rules your ex clan makes.

#47Friday 23 September @ 20:06 by Germany Creative~Makaveli

Lol Maka, isn't that exactly what you're doing? Didn't you leave years ago? Bit hypocritical

#48Friday 23 September @ 20:09 by USA Hellbreather

didnt you forgot hes still advising lmao

#49Friday 23 September @ 20:09 by Netherlands scarface

pinkfloyd I wanna hit ur mouth with oar

#50Friday 23 September @ 20:12 by Norway Dexter

At the end of the day, this is simply an issue of right and wrong. Most of us left because we have the moral decency to support our clan mate. Right. Those who stayed think fucking your friends sister is acceptable. Wrong. Endex.

#51Friday 23 September @ 20:19 by Germany Scarecrow

that has nothing to do with the clan knotty ffs you all guys dont understand what is going on here even you knotty hell is using you for his own purpose but hey gl with it its not personal knotty i like you very much

#52Friday 23 September @ 20:22 by Netherlands scarface

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

#53Friday 23 September @ 20:22 by Germany Scarecrow

Damn some people are such asslickers

#54Friday 23 September @ 20:23 by Bulgaria Gekke G

Also Makka, with all due respect. I've watched you bark orders at people atop a moral throne for a long while now, but I never see you get off the throne and stand with the people.. Now things go tits up and you've something to say.

#55Friday 23 September @ 20:29 by Germany Scarecrow

and still knotty the things that has been said already lost the moral line lmao

#56Friday 23 September @ 20:29 by Netherlands scarface

"Lol Maka, isn't that exactly what you're doing? Didn't you leave years ago? Bit hypocritical"

Ohhh mate trust me, there is a huge diff between my retirement and your leaving.
The good leader that you are , you should know that your new fancy clan needs your attention now.

You shouldnt talk about hypocrits either dont you?

You made a bitchmove, and people wont forget that.
And the people dont know everything yet.

I think you doing good with taking care of your new clan mate.

#57Friday 23 September @ 20:30 by Germany Creative~Makaveli

Lol laughing hard at Hell and Scarecrows replys, without mak you wouldn't of had this platform where you met each other and became such big bum boys.

#58Friday 23 September @ 21:05 by England Yurizan

Okay. My last post because apparently everyone hates me and thinks I'm a piece of shit. I've dedicated a lot to this clan. I don't expect thanks but I didn't expect what to be done to me to happen. I didn't want to be a part of a clan where that is approved. Some agree, some don't. I left, others took my side and came with me and I wanted to make a community where we are still able to stick together. This doesn't mean I don't want to throw in my input but apparently as soon as you leave you're dead to everyone. Then all of these people who have been nowhere to be found for years want to come in and throw in the two cents. Like scarface, asked him two weeks ago to come back as recruiter and he said no because of whatever reason. Now all of a sudden he wants to jump in. I just don't understand it. where is everyone when things are struggling? 20 people on site but one person on server. Do you really care about the clan or do you only care about the drama and starting shit. The only people who have a right to talk about what's best for the clan right now are the ones who play on server. Everyone else is just here to ride on their moral high horse.

#59Friday 23 September @ 21:12 by USA Hellbreather

let's share a drink we call loneliness , it's better than drinking alone.

#60Friday 23 September @ 21:13 by Flanders NixoN

You came on this post trying to be the smart one and it back fired. thats my last input aswell! all the best with your new clan

#61Friday 23 September @ 21:17 by England Yurizan

I got a hard time reading this. We did all so much for this clan and it's sad seeing this falling apart .I know a lot of people will hate me for leaving but I just think hell didn't get what he deserved and for the last few months the ones who left were mostly the ones trying to populate the server . Thus also the ones I played with for the last months and the ones I leaded.

This post is 100% influenced by alcohol though so hail autocorrect

#62Friday 23 September @ 21:17 by Flanders NixoN

69 incomming

#63Friday 23 September @ 21:22 by Belgium WhiteShadow

dex i love you and would find that kinky as feck will you spank me after ?

#64Friday 23 September @ 21:25 by UK R.Gaming: PinkFloyd

Sometimes you can fuck up more in a day than that u've built up in months or years, just sayin.

#65Friday 23 September @ 21:25 by Bulgaria Gekke G

ohh im sorry hell you feel attackked from me but the moment you left you knew you gonna make a new clan and you treid to kill creative with those lies. i stood up to save it same as kaak. and i was alraedy playing on the server so i have a say. the moment you left i knew more ppl would go so i sacrificed myself te save the clan also. there is nothing wrong with that.

plz go ty to destroy creative ... you will never succeed

#66Friday 23 September @ 21:29 by Netherlands scarface

goal never was to destroy creative we do not have to you will do that yourself

#67Friday 23 September @ 21:34 by UK R.Gaming: PinkFloyd

If you believe that pink, keep believin'

#68Friday 23 September @ 21:37 by Bulgaria Gekke G


#69Friday 23 September @ 21:43 by Flanders NixoN


#70Friday 23 September @ 21:44 by Sri Lanka kAAk


#71Friday 23 September @ 21:44 by Bulgaria Gekke G

72 close to 100 xD

#72Friday 23 September @ 21:45 by Netherlands scarface

I want to get something of my chest but we need to reach 100 comments. Omg shocking news!!

#73Friday 23 September @ 21:46 by Belgium WhiteShadow

we already know that you are gay white

#74Friday 23 September @ 21:48 by Netherlands Leon

no no no its not that!! Its waaaaaay more shocking man

#75Friday 23 September @ 22:17 by Belgium WhiteShadow

well that escalated quickly... all aboard the raip train, I will be the reciever

#76Saturday 24 September @ 10:47 by Netherlands plaaG

What's raip?

#77Saturday 24 September @ 11:59 by Germany - WW2 Saint*

reckless anal insane penetration

#78Saturday 24 September @ 12:02 by Netherlands plaaG

plaag means whats he likes to make it clear

#79Saturday 24 September @ 12:04 by Sri Lanka kAAk

I am laughing so hard at this

#80Saturday 24 September @ 13:18 by Netherlands Shifter

| Windows                      [-][口][×]|
 | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄|
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 |  Is that true ?      
 |    ______    ______    _____   |
 |    |Yes     |   |maybe  |     |Yes     |    |
 |     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄   |
   ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

#81Saturday 24 September @ 13:47 by USA CrazyCoder

lol, was trying to post a windows dialog joke.

#82Saturday 24 September @ 13:48 by USA CrazyCoder


#83Saturday 24 September @ 13:56 by Belgium WhiteShadow

lol CrazyCoder, thought my browser got fk'd

#84Saturday 24 September @ 14:00 by Netherlands Shifter

Heard Freq put his house up as collateral to cash in on that 100th post beat.

Well I guess it's time for him live in van down by the river?

#85Saturday 24 September @ 14:13 by USA CrazyCoder

We can reach the 100, we just have to put in a little more effort.

#86Saturday 24 September @ 15:00 by Netherlands Shifter

You can have my organs and shit but not my house!

#87Saturday 24 September @ 16:28 by Netherlands Sanchez.

pls 100

#88Saturday 24 September @ 16:49 by Sri Lanka kAAk

They should make a "Tetris Remastered" with the Frostbite engine, it would be sick.

#89Saturday 24 September @ 17:07 by Netherlands Shifter

Better yet, Call of Duty "Redneck Warfare"?

You play as part of The Resistance trying to overthrow, a fictional future government. But you relay heavily on Guerrilla Warfare. As "The Resistance" is the under dog in terms of weaponry and technology.

Hit and run, black ops kinda of shit.

But this time with exploitable environments, bridges blow up ect.

Game would be sold out in Bible Belt and Mid West. part of USA.

#90Saturday 24 September @ 17:14 by USA CrazyCoder

CrazyCoder new Prussian

#91Saturday 24 September @ 17:18 by Belgium WhiteShadow


#92Saturday 24 September @ 17:28 by Sri Lanka kAAk

lmao Redneck Warfare,,, guess we know the next CoD now

#93Saturday 24 September @ 17:30 by Netherlands Shifter

Me and Prussian will be first to pre-order it.

Maybe Scarecrow and Hell too, if it's got a really good story line. If they think the game is eccentric enough, they will buy for the laughs.

#94Saturday 24 September @ 18:08 by USA CrazyCoder

for sale 40 bucks!

#95Saturday 24 September @ 18:09 by Sri Lanka kAAk

Pocket change for kAAk and most of the gang.

But as for some of those European guys nursing their old school PC's with Pentium 4 and 2GB of RAM, SOL.

#96Saturday 24 September @ 18:12 by USA CrazyCoder

Pff, i wish i had a Pentium 4 and 2GB of RAM Sad

#97Saturday 24 September @ 18:28 by Netherlands Shifter

Why so you don't have Windows 10? So 'The Man' doesn't know what wild porn you watch, among other things......

#98Saturday 24 September @ 18:31 by USA CrazyCoder

I hate Windows 10, i'll take Windows 7 any day.

#99Saturday 24 September @ 18:32 by Netherlands Shifter


#100Saturday 24 September @ 18:36 by Sri Lanka kAAk

Nice, now you owe me 10% of the € 1000

#101Saturday 24 September @ 18:38 by Netherlands Shifter

White cant effort i guess.
he prob decide to get hia ass banged 1000 times.
be my guest u can go a 1000 times

#102Saturday 24 September @ 18:42 by Sri Lanka kAAk

Oh hell no, 1000 comments goes to far Tongue

#103Saturday 24 September @ 18:43 by Netherlands Shifter

Its time to reveal my secret.

#104Saturday 24 September @ 18:47 by Belgium WhiteShadow

Freq now doesn't have ask Achmed to live in his basement Smile

Weird stuff goes on there. Heard it's like Bates Motel, you can check in but never check out.

#105Saturday 24 September @ 18:48 by USA CrazyCoder

which is white

#106Saturday 24 September @ 19:02 by Sri Lanka kAAk

Drum roll

The Big News Is.............

Oh just fucking tell us already.

#107Saturday 24 September @ 19:06 by USA CrazyCoder

Nothing GG.

#108Saturday 24 September @ 19:18 by Belgium WhiteShadow

dam this is even longer then prussians history talking srry prus Tongue

#109Sunday 25 September @ 23:33 by Indonesia L!pToN

Hah i made u look at this topic again

#110Tuesday 27 September @ 20:40 by Bulgaria Gekke G


#111Tuesday 27 September @ 21:27 by Sri Lanka kAAk