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Rules Call of Duty 2

Server Rules:

-Spawncamping is forbidden at the attacking side: 30 second limit time to stay at spawn, after those 30 seconds an admin can interact and execute orders. First a warning will be given, if the following order of the admin is ignored he may use action.
-Glitching, bodyglitching and any glitch scripts (weapons, nades..) are NOT allowed!
-Racism is forbidden, every word that can be used to offend people will be strictly forbidden.
-Swearing with deadly diseases are forbidden English or Dutch (Cancer, Kanker, Aids, Tyfus..)
-Excessive whining is forbidden.
-Hacking is forbidden ofcourse.
-Camping is allowed, but keep in mind the fair play and to keep the game going.
-Play the objective of the map & the gametype.
-Keep it clean as possible, jokes are allowed and so is trashtalk, but keep it on a level of decency!

Have fun on the server!!

Clan Rules:

First of all this counts for the existing members, trials but also for new applicants.

-We are all adults, we all have our opinions and we all can speak out in free mind, not all will agree on what can be said, but we need to try to live next to eachother and work as a team, as a family, as a group.
-Keep the level of decency on a good level, yes it can be we go into conversation, discussion or an argument, but keep it on a decent level, choose your words wisely and in adult way, try to respect the other person you're talking to.
-Activity concerns: every members, trial or applicant needs to make an inactivity post if the situation occurs.. (going on a holiday, a few days out because of being sick..) so we are all aware of where that one person is gone to, so no discussion can be taken about a person and no mistakes can be producted.

-Racism or discrimination towards any member, trial or applicant won't be allowed, we're a free clan with free thoughts, but we also respect nationality, gender, sexuality and religion. Fights amongst ourselves with such themes only disturb the relationship of people within the clan and has a negative effect on everyone.

-Respect the ranking of everyone in the clan, everyone is equal at a certain point, everyone has a rank entitled and some have more responsibilities then the other, but don't speak low on a rank, everyone has his/her responsibilities and is a part of this clan no matter what the rank is, everyone can and earns that respect.

-Be active on server, forum, TS & Steam whenever possible, it is the key function of the clan its communication platform and the improvement of relationships and understanding amongst ourselves.

-Forum is our main communication platform, everyone can be involved there and can read what needs to be read and can communicate with one or another. Steam is our personal communicationplatform and is a requirement to access the clan or even when you are already in the clan, Steam is needed to keep in touch with everyone or to conversate in a private way.
-TS is not a requirement, we know not everyone has the ability to install it or to own a microphone/headset. But it is welcome though as many people use it to communicate and it is fun and more personal.

Apply Rules:

This concerns all applicants!!!

If you wish to apply for Creat!ve there are certain things you need to know/do!

-Give up a serious application, mean what you say and mean what you want to do. Any non-serious application will be instantly removed or rejected.
-Give up your name, ingame aswell real name, age, place of staying, country, experience with gaming and our main game etc. just all the personal information you can give us about yourself. So it gives us a clue of who you are and also gives us an image of how serious you are and if you want to get in.
-Waiting time: trials take a while to get, you only can get a trial by working hard, we ask for activity on all platforms, we ask you to intervene in the clan, also its actions and you need to get your name known, the more you work and spend time for the clan, the more your chances will raise to get to those pink tags! So when it takes a while to get those tags and get those first small steps inside the clan its walls don't give up to easily, don't panic if you don't see your name in one of the update posts.
-Respect all rules stated above (Clan Rules & Server rules) you are to become a rolemodel for the clan, proof yourself as such aswell, don't just be a rolemodel to join the clan, you want to earn those tags and feel proud with them and give those tags credit, you need to feel that you want to fit in, so behave, follow the rules!

-Take the responsibilities in the clan serious, don't go joke about it, if you apply and would get those pink tags, that is where the shift starts, you joined in to improve the clan, to be active and to spend time with the people around you, who can have become good friends! But don't forget your duty.. You applied, so you also got the responsibilities that come with it, that means if you get those tags, you need to keep coming back and need to keep doing the same work as before, the difference now is that you're wearing the tags, that represent our name and our clan! So keep working for it and especially if you want to get full member!

So good luck to you guys!

The Creat!ve Clan!