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How to Apply
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Just saw some apps lol, going like: "yo let me in!"

Thought maybe some of you guys dont know how to Apply for the Creative Clan.

I will tell you:

FISRT OFF: STOP SENDING ME PMīS ! Do it on the Public Forum !

We dont have a big ass applying system here, so you guys and ladies have free hand in making a great Apply.

You can write what you want, but also some stuff should be Included:

Tell us your Age (we dont have a minimum Age, but its good to know)

Tell us where you come from

Noone cares how skilled you are.

Telling us your previous clans is not a must.

Also Noone cares about your pb guid

Tell us if you have Xfire, Teamspeak, Youporn account, Premium Membercard at the Gaybar

Would be cool if you give us some Information about your Life (job,hobbies,secret sexual fantasies, Penis/Bra size, Swallow or Spit, if you like to stroke the Donkey in the petting zoo as much as i like it, blablabla)

You can add how active you are/ how long you play Cod, if you play other online Games ect ect.

Also you should tell us why we should pick you, and why you want to join us.

All those points arent a must, but it helps to get You known here.
Cause thats the Goal of an Apply, isnt it?

We here in Creative dont give a fuck about your Skill. Otherwise Achmed wouldnt be in the Clan Laughing

Your Personality is the Important thing.
So show us who you are.
Show us your Personality...you can use Xfire,Teamspeak,the Servers, the Website and on webcam at private sessions

Make your Application just like you want, the more Creative the better. With a Bad Apply, your chances already going down. Cause you need to know that we have several applies every week, but the places in the clan are Rare, so sometimes there are 20 Applies for 1 or 2 free spots....so better come up with smth special! Nude Picīs Ftw!

Wish you all good Luck,


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Sunday 28 Aug, 2011 @ 12:18AM