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Drum roll please!!!!! Recruitment update inside

Posted by UK efxtive in CLAN NEWS on Tuesday 20 September @ 10:38

General News

Good morning ladies / gents and travis

Firstly im gonna have to start with some negative news.

Whilst the server is a bit of a rollercoaster ride at the moment i want to say everyone has been good at getting on and playing when the server is busy but not been the best if im honest, we need everyone to put effort into gettin on the server, (even if it is by yourself) they will come and connect its been proven. So over the next few weeks let see an improvement please Smile

Anyway onto the applicants.....

Noobster -

Your a good guy and everyone got on with you, but your server activity lacked and dont think the type of clan we are is fitted for you so we unfortunately have to decline you for now.
Feel free to re-apply in the future if you.

Justa boy - you've helped out in the server a bit but not been very active on the site or teamspeak
We would like to see more of you over the next few weeks and show us your interest in joining.

Shinigami -
Your trial period is goin okay so far, overall activity needs to pick up but im sure when that happens youll get member in no time Smile

P u s s -
This guy is always on, not only on the site, teamspeak snd server but he gets on with everyone and is a person who loves to get invovled.

We therefore grant you trial. Congrats mate

Keep an eye on the site over the next week or so, more announcements to be made soon

Peace out


Cheers guys Smile I am really enjoying my time on the server and getting to know people and I will continue my journey with you guys for a long time to come ... Thank you for making me feel welcome.

Peace out


#1Tuesday 20 September @ 11:55 by UK puss

gratz puss work hard and make us proud ..... sucky sucky works as well

#2Tuesday 20 September @ 19:21 by UK R.Gaming: PinkFloyd

Well done puss :]

#3Tuesday 20 September @ 20:08 by England mizzy.

Is Puss Prussian his girlfriend?

#4Tuesday 20 September @ 20:26 by Overijssel Creat!ve~Luc

cheers peeps

#5Tuesday 20 September @ 22:50 by UK puss

congrats Puss!

#6Wednesday 21 September @ 09:28 by Germany Scarecrow

gratz puss

#7Wednesday 21 September @ 10:55 by Finland Shinigami

Gratzz puss

#8Wednesday 21 September @ 17:31 by Slovenia skank

Okay sorry but it's school time... Sad

#9Wednesday 28 September @ 19:24 by Hungary justa_boy