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Things are getting real

Posted by Sri Lanka kAAk in CLAN NEWS on Wednesday 31 August @ 09:43

General News

First of all, We're easy to reach now with our new URL

Second, We've some new graphics and logos ... enjoy!

Third most important,

We've a new public server because our old host didn't supported some required server possibilities we needed.

Server is running on AWE mod, Complete renewed.
You can auto-download the mod while connect to the server (takes about 3 minutes to download).

Or you can download it from HERE

The server has changed a bit in compare to the old:
-Variable Admin mods
-Adjusted realistic war effects
-Anti camp modification (You won't be able to camp more then 30 sec)
-Map vote every end of the map
-First to 10 rounds (Instead of full 20 rounds)
-Edited configs will be changed auto to stock

Our old server will close down in 24 hours, thanks for being on it!
ps. All server player stats are exported to the new server, so don't worry Smile

See you in the new public server Laughing

Also the rules have been modified, read them HERE


The Token Black Guy


Nice nice bradda!

Cu guys on the server ^^

#1Wednesday 31 August @ 10:36 by Israel zoxxy

Fucking great link, gave me a virus.

#2Wednesday 31 August @ 11:01 by Germany Scarecrow

Good job kAAk, a good update, server is legit, a good improvement and the small changes are certainly tastey Wink.

#3Wednesday 31 August @ 11:07 by Germany Creat!ve~Prussian

Managed to get rid of the Virus using anti virus and I got the AWE mod to work. Nice changes mate!

#4Wednesday 31 August @ 11:10 by Germany Scarecrow

Just use mega.co.nz or dropbox. They are safe as of now.

Filedropper and Mediafire have been compromised.

#5Wednesday 31 August @ 11:30 by USA CrazyCoder

Congratzz like the new looks off forum will come on server aswell the check things out and kill Nixon few times

#6Wednesday 31 August @ 16:08 by Slovenia skank


#7Wednesday 31 August @ 17:00 by Netherlands gaz


#8Thursday 01 September @ 07:33 by Frisian Creat!ve~YETI!

nice work mate keep it up Wink

#9Friday 02 September @ 13:35 by Netherlands scarface