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Very Creat!ve title for a newspost

Posted by Netherlands Sanchez. in CLAN NEWS on Friday 26 August @ 15:13

General News

Ladies and gents, I've got a bit of good news and sadly some bad news for you. I'm kicking off with the bad news.

Our Norwegian fuckboy Ken came up to us saying that he couldn't find the time anymore to play on our holy server. We were asked to remove him from our squad. Fair play to him. We wish you all the best.

Ramp and Aero disappeared both completely off the radar. We tried our best to figure out what happened to them but we could'nt reach them. It's only fair to remove/decline them so there's room for others.

Every disadvantage has it's advantage. We're removing two of our current trials by this post. That means that there will be two open trial spots. We hope that this triggers our current applicants to step up their game. Your work hasn't been unnoticed but we want to see more of you.

On to the good news! I'm really pleased to tell you that our Belgian no-lifer Creat!ve~Prussian is making his comeback! He will return as admin to the squad.

That's it for this time, cu on the battlefield!


welcome back preusische soldat!

#1Friday 26 August @ 15:47 by Sri Lanka kAAk

Welcome back Prussy i am really glad u finnaly start using that 15IQ brains and decided to come back awesome news i need some.history lessons from u mate

#2Friday 26 August @ 21:42 by Slovenia skank

Welcome back Pruss Smile

#3Saturday 27 August @ 09:07 by Israel zoxxy

Welcome back pruss

#4Saturday 27 August @ 11:27 by England Jack

wb prussian

#5Saturday 27 August @ 17:50 by Bulgaria Gekke G

Took you long enough Prussian! Laughing

#6Saturday 27 August @ 18:10 by Netherlands American Eagle

Thx all!


Appreciate it!

#7Saturday 27 August @ 18:45 by Germany Creat!ve~Prussian

Welcome back pruss

#8Sunday 28 August @ 09:18 by Flanders NixoN

Welcome back Pruss!an

#9Sunday 28 August @ 09:27 by Germany Scarecrow

Give me trial pls

#10Sunday 28 August @ 15:42 by Netherlands Jeroen

... Also, shut up, Freq!

#11Monday 29 August @ 12:59 by Germany Scarecrow

Welcome back pruss

#12Monday 29 August @ 22:47 by UK puss

wb prus

#13Tuesday 30 August @ 14:18 by Finland Shinigami

Thx lads!

#14Tuesday 30 August @ 19:17 by Germany Creat!ve~Prussian

Wb Pruss my friend Smile

#15Wednesday 31 August @ 17:01 by Netherlands gaz